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Bar code Double seals with micro print along the edge seals Heat tamper resistant The lettering 'STOP' is visible if the bag is tear open Water dissolve resistant Write on bag Open Sectity tape by -40C Coolant



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Gold (Leve 4) Tamper Evident Bag





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  Jeff is a manufacturer who developes, designs, produces and sells the security bag. Jeff products meet the standard from the CashEDI system and the FedCash system. Jeff will surely provide you with the professional product and service.  



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  Security Takeaway Bags Epidemic-prevention Takeaway Bags Security takeaway bags

Biohazard Specimen Bag


Security Filing Holder Bag


Tamper Evident Bag with Chop Label


Deposit Bags


ATM Waste Banknote Bags


CSI Police Evidence Bags


Notarial Bags


Express Security Bags


3D Money Bags


Procuratorate’s Evidence Bags


Collateral Security Bags


Medical Leakproof Bags


3D Deposit Bags with handle


Chips Bags


Coin Bags


Election Security Bags


Japan Tax-free Bags



/ Duty-Free Bags


Security Electronic Products Shielding Bags


Security Bags for Computer Server


Specimen Bags for Blood Collection


Antitheft BankNotes

Dye Bags


Overseas Tamper Evidence Bags


Vacuum Antistatic Security Bag


Cashbox Security Tapes


Paper Product Security Tape


Tamper Evidence Security Label

  Money Deposit Bags  

Security Bag for

Fake Money Storage

  Specimen Security Bag  
  OEM Tamper Evident Security Bag  


 Patent No: 201220489336.5



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