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Bar code Double seals with micro print along the edge seals Heat tamper resistant The lettering 'STOP' is visible if the bag is tear open Water dissolve resistant Write on bag Open Sectity tape by -40C Coolant

Epidemic-prevention Takeaway Bags


The outbreak is increasingly serious. Our bags are safer than normal takeaway bags because food will not be stained or infected during the transitions. We can also ensure that food will not be opened during delivery.We do have anti-counterfeir code on these bags so as to prevent exchange and repackage. In epidemic situation, using our bags is more essential. Eventually, we wish you all the best and in good health.

100% recyclable & environment-friendly


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Security Takeaway Bags 180mmx280mm


can pack 1 large cup of drink

Security Takeaway Bags 300mmx240mm


can pack 2 meal boxes and 1 box

Security Takeaway Bags 300mmx310mm


can pack 2 meal boxes and 1 box



Here is our stock size!
Welcome to order customized size products!
(Maximum Size:L 1250mm× W 990mm)


More details please download the Powerpoint


Our company specializes in producing high level tampering security bags which widely used in fanancial field, distinguishing it from the hot melt adhesive securitybags on the market. Tampering security features£º(tampering security bags patent no. : 201220489336.5)


1. Function of the Security Tape £º
Open at  room tempareture:The letter “stop”or “avoid opened”is visible once the secutity tape is torn open.
Open under heat treatment:The yellow printing ink will turn red if temperature reaches or is over 75°C and can not reverse,which avoids to be opened with lighter and hot soup.
Open at low tempareture£ºThe letter “stop” is visible once the tape is torn open if temperature reaches -50°C, which avoids to be opened by using coolant.
Yellow water-soluble printing ink is printed on the opening side,which will dissolve in water or solvent and can avoid to be opened with gasoline.


2.Double Welding Design£º
Double welded edge with 7.5mm makes bags firmer .
Micro prints along the both sides of the edge are designed to prevent illegal opening.
Logo Printing: Company logo can be printed along the welding. Create  Company's exclusive security takeaway bag.


3.Security Barcode£º
An unique barcode is printed on each bag and can scan into the net.The same barcode is also printed under the security tape,which  avoids to be wiped off.
Customer can check whether the bag is the original one according to the barcode,which can prevent takeaway food to be switched.


4.Air Holes Design£º 
Air holes can exhaust the steam inside the bag and keep the food fresh.
Delivery drivers can regonize the food clealy.


5.Double Handing Holes Design £º
Double handing holes design can avoid the bag getting deformed and food inclined.
Bearing capacity of the bag is stronger.


6. Surface & Bottom Design £º
Writable Surface£ºWritable surface is printed on each bag and sellers can write down necessary information and sealed time.
3D Bottom Design £ºIt’s easy to put into meal boxes and keep balance.



All security takeaway bags can be customized,including colors,characters,  logo,patterns,thickness and size. Delivery Companies can create your exclusive security takeaway bag! Please feel free to conatct us£¡


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