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Bar code Double seals with micro print along the edge seals Heat tamper resistant The lettering 'STOP' is visible if the bag is tear open Water dissolve resistant Write on bag Open Sectity tape by -40C Coolant

Products Function

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(Maximum Size:L 1250mm× W 990mm)


Our company specializes in producing high level tampering security bags which widely used in fanancial field, distinguishing it from the hot melt adhesive securitybags on the market. Tampering security features:(tampering security bags patent no. : 201220489336.5)


1. Tamper-evident security Bag: the sealing adpots a “5 second”hot melt self-sealing adhesive closure system. The letter “stop” or “avoid opened” is visible as a part of evident tempering and warning once the bag is torn open. Besides, the letter “stop”or “avoid opened” will appear if the bag is torn open below -45°C or the blue security tape is removed.


2. Yellow security tape is as a part of tampering attempt: The yellow ink will irreversibly turn RED as a part of tampering attempt if temperature reaches to 65°C or more. Besides, the yellow ink dissolves in solvent.


3. The design of double welded edge sealing: Double welded edge with 7.5mm makes bags firmer and micro prints along the both sides of the edge are designed for illegal opening.


4. Barcode, numeric code and receipt slip: Unique running numeric code, barcode and easily torn receipt slip are printed on each bag to track products and stub.


5. Sigature: writable surface is designed to write and sign on the bag.


6. Printing and material: Coulor, word, logo, picture and size can be designed for customers'requirement. Please feel free to contact our company for details.


7. Jeff security Bag are widely used in high-risk situations such as financial institutions,treasury,STEBduty-free shop,aviation,government,courier and secutiry department for cash,cheque,share,debenture and bills transfering, police evidence collection, etc.



The letter “stop” is visible once the bag is torn open

The yellow printing ink will turns RED if temperature reaches or over 65°C and could not reverse which avoids opening by heating and microwave oven.


The letter”stop” is visible once the tape is torn open if temperature reaches orover -50°C which avoids to be torn

Yellow water-soluble printing ink is printed on the opening side,which will dissolved in water or solvent and avoids the tape to be opened by solvent

Avoiding to be exchanged and fabricated,unique tracking security codes are printed on the bag including large size numeric codes which

helps CCTV monitor easily,and barcode and QR code could be quickly input into computer system.

Each bag is printed with writable area which is convenient for signature confirmation and prevents forgery. Avoiding to be cut off and rewelded,there are unique double weldings with staff guage and small characters printed along the both sides   Patent certification

Correct opening method: cut along the dotted line at the bottom of the bag

Barcode is printed on the receipt slip totrack products which prevents exchange and loss of the bag.



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