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Bar code Double seals with micro print along the edge seals Heat tamper resistant The lettering 'STOP' is visible if the bag is tear open Water dissolve resistant Write on bag Open Sectity tape by -40C Coolant

3D Money Bags


3D Money Bags are designed for different banks. It¡¯s easy for the transportation and storage of Cash, Currency, and Checks with handle design.These bags help clerks save time and effort to verify.


Our new patent machine¡ª¡ª Money Packing Machine is designed to pack cash into brick shape conveniently.


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Money Packing Effect

Current Packing Effect


100% recyclable & environment-friendly


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3D Money Bags 250mmX173mm+40mm




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(Maximum Size:L 1250mm× W 990mm)


Our company specializes in producing high level tampering security bags which widely used in fanancial field, distinguishing it from the hot melt adhesive securitybags on the market. Tampering security features£º(tampering security bags patent no. : 201220489336.5)


Jeff security Bag are widely used in high-risk situations such as financial institutions,treasury,STEBduty-free shop,aviation,government,courier and secutiry department for cash,cheque,share,debenture and bills transfering, police evidence collection, etc.


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